Pre School

preschool swim classesLearn to swim, relax, bond and have fun

We want to take you on a magical swim journey from a Baby Splasher, through to a Little Swimmer.  Learning valuable life skills and improving many early developmental skills, to give your little one the best headstart in life.  All teachers are highly qualified, fuelled with passion and trained through our unique Little Splashers and Aqua Sensory swim programmes. It's interactive, child-led and packed full of sensory fun.  We are with you every step of the way, we believe in progression without being pushy.  We take time to guide you and your little one, enriching their self esteem, building swim confidence and helping every child flourish. 

Through our 3 stage programme your baby will become a Little Swimmer.

Baby Splashers

You'll enjoy the closeness of our holds and moves, relaxed swims and gentle dips and dives when your baby's ready. Water is a natural multi-sensory,  therapeutic medium for babies.  Our lessons are so special as we include Aqua Sensory®. A combination of skin to skin nurturing touch, fluid rhythmic movements, and discovery play to touch deeper into the sensory channels.  In today's busy world, it's the perfect recipe for the developing child. 

Age Guide - Beginners 8 weeks  9/12m and Advanced 9/12m - 16/18m 

pre school swimmingLittle Splashers 

Our toddler stage is such great fun, with interactive games from, woggle trains to pirates games, submarines swims and bumper cars. Songs and repeated actions are used to instill good swim practices like streamlining, floating, breathing, kicks and pulls.

They're now stronger on their front and back and will start to become more independent.  You'll be amazed at how they master the underwater world in this next stage of their swimming adventures. 

Age Guide - 16/18m - 2.5/3yrs 




baby swimmingLittle Swimmers

Short swims with or without aids like woggles, means they're now ready to enjoy more progressive skills like star floats, rocket glides, treading water and treasure diving.  Stroke development and correct breathing practice is introduced in fun ways like bubble, bubble, bob,  for progression to front paddle.

The transition to independent swimming is a safe and happy journey, built on trust, fun and praise. We offer lessons with you still in the water and, when they're swimming a short distance on their own, Little Swimmers Advanced follows where they swim solo!

Age Guide - 2.5/3yrs - School Age 

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