adults swimming lessonsDiscover your potential

We offer a comprehensive learn-to-swim programme to help adults overcome any water confidence issues, teaching the huge benefits that swimming can bring. 

If you can swim and you're looking at improving your strokes or striving for perfection from our advanced programme…. you’ll find we are able to offer a course to suit you.

It’s never too late to learn to swim and unlike many forms of sport and exercise, swimming can be enjoyed at any age.





adult aqua yogaAqua Tums 

Our Pre and postnatal Aqua Tums classes are recommended by midwives as they prepare your mind and body for birth and recovery.  They are a unique combination of gentle cardio, yoga stretches and breathing/floating exercises.  

Suitable for all stages of pregnancy and fitness levels as the water provides a safe and comfortable medium to exercise in. The classes can offer a relief from a variety of conditions like back ache, pelvic girdle pain and the relaxation exercises gives you a deep connection with your bump. In fact the earlier you start, research shows the lighter you can birth. 

We also offer Adult Aqua Sensory classes, an exciting new way to tune into your mind, body and soul sensory channels. Designed to relax and revitalise you during every stage... pre or postnatal. They are fun and supportive where you can make friends and bond together on your parent journey. 

No previous yoga experience or the ability to swim is required for all of our aqua classes. 


Aqua Fit / Therapy 

We offer a range of aqua fit / therapy programmes that include a gentle mix of stretches and cardio in the water, which is great exercise. These popular sessions are a fantastic all-round workout for all ages in the water, leaving you feeling relaxed and toned afterwards.  It's the perfect, low impact exercise in small friendly groups. 

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