We are back swimming ready for our new term... it's time to get comfy!

We are back swimming ready for our new term... it's time to get comfy!

“I am comfortable is our message this week at #swimworks"

What does feeling comfortable in water look like?

A happy feel for the water is a good start, but even better is a simple SMILE we find is a good approach to take. But feeling comfortable in water does not necessarily mean you need to know how to swim. In fact, many of our swimmers come to Swim Works to teach their child in the water, as they didn't have the opportunity themselves. That is what makes our programme so special.

We take the time to help you, guide and support you - so you too can feel comfortable in the water. We go at your /your child's pace and adapt our classes. So, no need to worry or feel nervous if this week it's your first class with us! You or your little one won't feel pushed or rushed to fit into a traditional swimming programme.

What do you need to bring to your class?

Is a question our swimmers often ask. Of course, the practicalities of swimmers and towel is the basics. But do check that your little one’s happy nappy or goggles fits well. There is nothing worse than a tight -fitting uncomfortable pair of goggles or bottoms. We have a range of lovely Happy Nappies in stock, our swimmers wear these to keep our pool, beautifully clean.

Is your child feeling a little shy? Some of our children love to bring a toy from home, to make their swim time to feel more comfy. That is fine by us. A familiar toy from home can break the ice and bring out their fun!

The Swim Works pools have been purposefully built for early family learning in water.

You’ll  L-O-V-E our pool it’s comfy, warm and clean

A clean pool is something we pride ourselves on here at Swim Works. We know it is one of our swimmer’s top priorities to feel comfy. Over Christmas we have taken the time, to spreen and clean Swim Works from top to toe. Our water quality is very special, with low chemicals it’s perfect for babies or anyone suffering from sensitive skin. You won’t find that itchy post feel swim at Swim Works. Together with the water temperature that is like a bath, everyone feels comfy in our pool.

A good teacher is the right teacher for you. At Swim Works we have many professional swimming teachers that have been highly trained to understand your individual needs and how best to make you feel comfortable.

If there is any part of your swimming experience here at Swim Works that you are note quite feeling comfortable with, please let us know ... anything we can do to make your swim experience with us more C-O-M-F-Y just let us know!

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