Happy Birthday to us!

As Swim Works Rugby celebrates its fourth birthday and Swim Works Leamington turns one, it is time for reflections, appreciation and gratitude from directors and owners Christian and Jo Wilson.

“We have been on an incredible journey over the last few years and it is hard to put into words the incredible buzz we get from teaching and running our busy family swim centres” says Jo. 

Swim Works was born out of a desire to focus on creating a swimming journey based around the individual and their own sensory harmony. It is widely understood that swim skills are more readily learnt in an environment which is safe, clean, fun and where teachers are both trained to the highest standards and fuelled by personal passion. 

As the world changes and becomes more aware of how much movement and play is at the foundation of a child’s success in life, Swim Works is moving into a new paradigm of becoming an Aquatic education and learning centre, alongside being a specialist family swim centre. Swim Works is attracting global attention from aquatic educators, who are working with us on our Aqua Sensory programme; the basis of the sensory ethos we integrate  throughout all our swimming lessons.

Everyone at Swim Works knows and appreciates just how much our swim centres mean to our swimmers and we work with this knowledge; we are committed to providing the very best swim start to local families. It truly is a privilege to work with babies from 8 weeks old to adults 80 years plus! 

“I am not saying it has been easy setting up Swim Works; the building process, personal finance and commitment have all been challenging at times. But the satisfaction of giving something back to the community, facilitating a centre where children can participate in an activity they enjoy which also contributes to their physical, social and emotional well-being is priceless” says Christian.

So, do join the Swim Works teams this week for our Birthday celebrations, where we give thanks to all our amazing staff; a growing team of 20 teachers and 10 support staff. 

The Swim Works mission to deliver the ‘Best Family Swim Centres’ in Warwickshire still stands. “We are so passionate for YOU! Our wonderful customers, you give us our swim smiles and make our days special… here’s to more fantastic years at Swim Works!” 


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